Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My "bapple mango" smoothie

Banana + apple = Bapple
And.... Mango! *my favourite*
This is one of my favourite post workout smoothie.
It's so creamy and thick.
Trust me.
You'll LOVE it!!!

You'll need :

1/2 cup of plain low fat yogurt
1 ripe mango ( diced )
1 medium size banana ( you can go for a large one, I won't judge :) )
1 tbsp of peanut butter ( I used steffi's no sugar added )
1 apple ( cored and diced, and the skin is good for you )
1 scoop of protein powder ( I used Gold Standard 100% whey protein ) 
Some ice cubes

Steps ;

1. It couldn't be easier, just blend everything in a blender!!


Cheers! It's loaded with potassium and protein that you need after your workout. It's important to feed your muscle! 

Good luck
-@allison_phuise  @juilletideas

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