Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sugar Free Pink Gelato

It's guilt free dessert again! 
Absolutely no artificial additives!
All made by purely 100% natural whole food. 
It tastes so creamy and flavorful at the same time. You won't even know it's totally sugar free and guilt free! 

You'll need : 
(Serve 4-5)

3 cups of Greek yogurt
2 medium Beetroot ( cubed )
1 cup of dates ( soaked and soften. Seed removed) or honey( to taste)
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
1/3 cup almond flour ( for the best creamy flavor, or you can sub with soaked cashew nuts , or omit )
Handful if toasted nuts for topping( I use almond )

Cook the Beetroot covered with plastic wrap in a microwave oven for 5 minutes or until just cooked. Let cool and freeze. 

1. In a blender, blitz everything into smooth thick smoothie consistency except the nuts. 

2. Pour out and freeze for 30 minutes or serve immediately .
3. Top with your Favourite toppings and serve!

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