Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Constipation ?

70% of female are more likely to have this problem than males. And so do I. Don't ever think of taking laxatives to ease it, long term may cause colon cancer.worry no more! Here is a home remedy to cure it!

You'll need :
1 cup of original yoghurt( low fat or non fat)
2 small size of GREEN apple
And a blender

1. DON'T SKIN THE APPLE. Just wash, cored and diced them roughly.
2. Add them into the blender along with the yoghurt.
3. Blend for 10 seconds or until it JUST turns mushy.


Drink this an hour before bed and you will have no problem at the next morning!
Good luck!

Green apple are used because only green apple can ease your constipation. Red ones do not provide that much beneficial value as compared to the green ones. And, green apples promote successful weight lose too!

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